Saturday, May 14, 2011

Don`t you love how excited children get as their birthday nears?

It`s Tilda`s 6th birthday next weekend she is sooo excited! Last weekend we went shopping for a "party" outfit complete with bracelet & headband & this weekend we shopped for loot bag items & decorations. We are now counting down the sleeps to the BIG day & showing off  proudly the carefully hand picked items to anyone who enters the house. LOVE IT!
All this excited has got me thinking what is the easiest way to help children keep track of the number of sleeps until their birthdays? So the idea of a Tilda & George birthday count downer is born! Stayed tuned the finished product will be posted here first!
This week we have been busy making cards & treasure drawers for clients can`t wait to take photos of them tomorrow in the daylight they look beautiful!

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